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Tugs and Workboats

L.S.I. has a wide variety of tugs and workboats, from small runabouts to large ocean going tugs.
L.S.I.’s specialized vessels such as multicats and workboats are mainly utilized for on-site operations such as personnel transport and delivery of consumables, spare parts, anchor handling, etc. around site. L.S.I. has a number of vessels suited to shallow water areas.


L.S.I. has a variety of barges suited to specific customer needs - from straight forward flat-top barges to self-propelled spud barges to offshore work platforms with 8 point mooring, accommodation barges, jack-up barges, Hopper and cargo barges, workshop and communications. The company has sidewall, stanchions, ramps, winches, spuds and accommodation / workshop / office modules available to fit most barges. Barges are available in a wide variety of lengths, widths and deadweights.


Since entering the crawler crane market in 1999, L.S.I. has grown quickly to make it one of the largest single owner crawler crane operators in the U.A.E.
The cranes work either onshore on client's construction sites within the U.A.E. and abroad, or loaded onto L.S.I. barges for offshore works. Offshore works take a variety of forms; quay block placing, grab dredging, piling, etc. L.S.I. also has a selection of rock grabs, clamshells, dragline buckets, chisels and taglines which can be fitted to the cranes depending on the specific type of operation required.


Depending on the nature of work, all barges can be fitted with 4 – 6 – 8 mooring systems / sidewalls / stanchions / ramps / spuds / crane tracks / concreted decks / accommodation units / office, messroom, kitchen or bathroom modules / etc. which can be installed or fabricated, as required, at L.S.I. yard.
L.S.I. owns a wide variety of winches (100+) ranging from 1 ton to 200 ton. To complement this, the company also owns 100+ anchors ranging from ± 50 kg to 10 ton.

Our vessels are well equiped for:

  • Diving and salvage
  • Hydrographic/survey work
  • Oil field and Gas Industry
  • Subsea cable and pipelines
  • Port authorities and dockyards
  • Marine civil Engineering
  • Civil Engineering/Pilling
  • Dredging and reclamation
  • General Towage and Transport
  • Accommodation

Service Inquiries

For all inquiries related to services, please contact our Commercial Department at our office.

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